Silhouette Artist

Available For Parties, Fairs, and Other Events.

Silhouettes can be cut from Digital Pictures.

Phone: 615-982-9136

Many artists use brushes and paints to create. Cheryl Bernhardt creates art from plain black paper with scissors and her artist's eye. Cheryl's formal art education was in Graphics and Printmaking. Starting out professionally as a portrait artist, she taught herself the vanishing art of silhouette cutting because she wanted to make certain that it would not disappear as an art form. Many of us might have old silhouettes of family members prized as heirlooms today. Cheryl is creating the heirlooms of tomorrow.

Silhouettes are cut by sight on the spot during a one to two minute sitting. The silhouette is mounted on a 8"x10" card ready to frame. Two copies of the same person are cut on the spot by sight at the same time.
Silhouettes can be cut from Digital Pictures

Instructions for the digital picture:
• Take several full profiles of the right side of the persons face, from the shoulders up.
• Attach to email with the name of the person in the picture.
(Put the word "sillouette" in the subject line of the email)
• Include shipping address.

• Two copies are cut at once and mounted on 8"x10" cards.
• $20 for each pair, plus shipping.
• Mail check or money order to:
Cheryl Bernhardt
Gladeville, TN 37071

I had a little girl named Abigail that's dad had stopped 3 times at my booth at the Main Street Festival. She just was not about to let me cut her silhouette. I'd guess her to be 3 & a head full of curley dark hair. I answered my phone this week to find grandma on the phone so we set up this evening for me to come to great grama's house. I drove over the pretty green & fields planted & growing countryside of 840/65 to Peytonville Rd & into Franklin downtown. I set up on the Victorian porch with the old white wicker furniture & oversized wicker porch swing & cut Abigail, Elijah & little new baby which name I cannot recall's silhouettes. What a beautiful day with the dappled sunlight shining through the lush trees the azaleas in full bloom. There were 3 generations of mothers & a couple of young dads enjoying the relaxing time on the homey old porch. Come to find out I had cut the 3rd generation mom's silhouette & another family member in 1997 when I used to do the Main Street Festival regularly. I asked if I could take a picture of them as they hung in the parlor. I will post that pic when I get back home from my studio. I simply love it when things come full circle.

Pictured above are silhouettes I cut from 1997 hanging above birth announcements of their children. Now Great Grandma can hang theirs under. She said she'd have to take down the photo & add the new birth announcement. She now has all 3 great grandkids silhouettes to add to her collection.

There is a minnimum of  8 sets of silhouettes for a party to be scheduled. This amount is increased according to travel distances.

Allow 5 minutes per person to cut & mount silhouettes of one person. Once I get started.

Two copies of the same person are cut on the spot by sight in a 2 minute sitting. $20

They are mounted on preprinted 8x10 cards ready to frame & placed in a zip lock bag .

Once I am on location it doesn't matter how many more silhouettes I cut.

Any location is considered & needs to have adequate lighting.

The only space needed is for my 2 stools, little table & small supply case. Please refer to photos of previous Silhouette Parties.

The Hostess receives one set of Silhouettes free. This does not count towards the required minimum. 

Please email or call & leave a message as soon as possible if you would like to book a party. My calendar does fill quickly.

Thank You for your intetest & fill free to inquire.

Walking Tour & Festival
Historical Mooresville, AL
May 18, 2013

I couldn't help but snicker when I cut this little boys silhouette at
a home party. I managed to catch a shot of him looking out the window
to share him with you. It isn't a full sideview but you get the idea, tee hee.
Don't you love it.

Micanopy Fall Harvest Festival
Micanopy FL
Oct 27

All artwork © Cheryl Ann Bernhardt. Reproduction is prohibited without permission from the artist.